A Brief history:

The firm W G Crotch & son was founded in 1820. The best known son from whom the firm takes its name was Walter George Crotch.

It was mainly due to this man that Norwich acquired a national reputation as a centre for plasterwork, modelling and various allied decorative arts.

Crotch also patented processes in regard to cement work and glass mosaic, becoming such an authority in this field that many of the eminent architects of this time called him into consultation. Examples of his work are presented in almost every county in England.

Howard Carter, himself an East Anglian who, with lord Carnarvon, discovered the tomb of Tut-ankh-amen, commissioned Crotch and Son to make moulds and castings of the relics found in the tomb. As a result of this the firm received the contracts for constructing a replica of the Luxor tomb at the Wembley Exhibition of 1924.

Owing to increasing popular demand, another branch was opened in Ipswich, which has now superseded the parent house in Norwich.

The firm continues to offer the same high standards of service and skills, and the accumulated experience of almost two centuries. 

W.G.Crotch is one of the oldest and most experienced plasterwork companies in Britain. Our products are hand-cast from traditional moulds or created for your specific project. We can supply from our catalogue or create a moulding to match existing patterns with your project. We can also fit our plasterwork (please contact us for more details) or simply supply to order. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of plasterwork renovation or suggest appropriate styles to enhance your property.