A large part of the work we do at W G Crotch is the restoration or matching of existing cornice and mouldings. This is often useful when a new wall has been created or a small section of damage has occurred. 


Often the first time customers consider cornice, or any decorative plasterwork, is when repairs are necessary. We are aware that this can seem rather daunting and often leads to a less than satisfactory 'repair' or worse still the total removal of all the plasterwork for fear of costs.


This doesn't have to be the case. We can offer very cost effective solutions for your project including guiding you or your builder through the whole process including helping with any difficulties they may come across. We can also provide you with the ability and knowhow to take squeezes (samples) yourself and even guide you through the repair work. 


Our instruction videos section should help you in this regard but please feel free to contact us for any other help you may require.